Spotlight Series: Dr. Shannon Wilson

Over the first 18 weeks of the new year, we will be conducting one on one interviews with each of our veterinarians in an effort to help you get to know all of them better! In addition to the interview, they will be posting pictures on our facebook account during their week to share some behind the scenes images of their day to day. We hope you enjoy following along!

Up this week is Shannon Wilson, VMD. Dr. Wilson is currently completing her internship with our practice! She is interested in all aspects of sports medicine, including lameness, upper airway abnormalities and cardiology.

Q: What colleges/universities did you attend? When someone asks “where did you go to school?” what do you tell them?
A: I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science from the University of Connecticut. I then attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine where I received my VMD.  

Q: Tell me about the animals you own now.
A: I adopted my German Shepherd, Daisy, during my first year of vet school. She currently lives with my family in Connecticut while I complete my internship. My family also has a Japanese Chin named Sparky, a shepherd mix named Harley, and a Pomsky named Dexter.  

Q: If you weren’t a vet, what would you do for a living?
A: I’m not sure exactly what I would do if I weren’t a vet, but it would definitely still have something to do with horses. I could never do any job that would require me to be inside all of the time.  

Q: Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?
A: I recently attended a veterinary conference in Maui, Hawaii. It was hands down the most beautiful place I have ever been. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering traveling to a tropical destination.

Q: Dream vacation?
A: Ever since I was little I have wanted to visit Italy. It is definitely on my bucket list.  I also have Australia pretty high on that list!

Q: Favorite food?
A: Definitely pizza! I could probably eat it every day.  

Q: Favorite sports team?
A: I am a proud UConn Huskies fan! It generally makes for some exciting games, especially this time of the year.  My favorite professional sports team is the New England Patriots (probably not making a lot of friends in this area with that answer, but it’s the truth).

Q: I am obsessed with…
A: Grey’s Anatomy! I have been a loyal fan from the beginning and will be until the end.

Q: What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?
A: I actually love cold weather! I know it sounds crazy, but I grew up in northern Connecticut so I am very used to it and I’m happiest when its colder out. I could survive without snow though.


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