Update to our Accounts Receivable Policy

We have always found that transparency is best in order to maintain meaningful relationships with our clients. As such, we wish to provide an update with regards to how we handle outstanding balances beyond 60 days. While we have the expectation that all accounts are kept current, we understand there can be extenuating circumstances that result in balances accumulating. For clients that carry balances beyond 60 days, our office will make a final attempt to reach you within the first two weeks of the month and resolve the outstanding balance. If the balance is resolved, no further action will be taken.

If we cannot resolve the balance at that time, your information will be shared with Tek Collect, a company that we have partnered with to help resolve outstanding debts. Initially, they will simply be assisting us in reaching out to clients via phone and letter to bring the balance to a resolution. Should they be unable to do so, your account will be directed to the next phase of collections, whereby your information will be reported to the credit bureaus and additional actions will be taken. Our expectation is that by increasing our frequency of communication, we can minimize the likelihood of this occurring.

Payments can be made on our website (here for B.W. Furlong clients, here for Peak Performance clients) at any point, and we always welcome our clients to confirm their account balance with your veterinarian or with the front office. If you’d like to put your credit card on file with our office, you can submit this form to the office.

As always, we appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to be an integral part of your equine dreams and ambitions.

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