Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine services are provided as both an in-patient and out-patient service by Dr. Rachel Gardner, a board certified internal medicine specialist. These services include evaluation of horses with complex respiratory, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, neurologic and ophthalmic disorders. Evaluations are provided for subtle abnormalities, such as changes in performance, or weight loss. Intensive care with 24 hour monitoring is available for adults and neonates, and an isolation stall is available for treatment of horses with potentially contagious diseases. Cases are accepted on an appointment and emergency basis.


Gastric ulcers are present in the majority of performance horses, and clinical signs can vary from change in performance, to weight loss, to recurrent colic. The presence of gastric ulcers is confirmed by examining the stomach with gastroscopy, which requires passage of a thin tube down into the horse’s stomach. The video endoscope allows clear visualization of all parts of the stomach, and the images are shown on a large monitor for close examination.

 Clinical Laboratory

The laboratory at B.W. Furlong and Associates offers full service in-house laboratory diagnostics. Testing includes complete blood counts, chemistries, blood gases, electrolytes, packed cell volume and total protein. Reference laboratories like Cornell University and Antech Diagnostics are used for more extensive diagnostics. The in-house laboratory also features microscopic diagnostics, available for veterinarians to evaluate cytology on samples like blood, cornea scrapings, uterine biopsies, cultures and semen morphology.