Reproductive Services

Stallion Services

B.W. Furlong and Associates has the facilities and highly experienced staff to train stallions to the phantom, regardless of size and temperament. Semen can be collected for fresh –cooled transport or frozen and stored for future use. Stallions may be left at the stallion station while they are trained, evaluated and collected or can be transported to the clinic on a daily basis. The practice also offers access to premiere sport-horse stallions through Shelbourne Farm Stallion Agency.

Broodmare Management

B.W. Furlong and Associates offers a full range of reproductive services for broodmares throughout the year. During breeding season, our veterinary staff, led by Dr. Gray, use both fresh and frozen semen for artificial insemination and performs broodmare synchronization and preparation for embryo transfer. The practice also provides fetal wellness exams and broodmare-specific vaccinations year-round. Reproductive services can be offered at the farm, in the clinic, or at our satellite breeding facility.