Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine & Lameness Evaluations

Sport medicine is the heart of B.W. Furlong & Associates, with Dr. Furlong having served as the US 3-Day Eventing team veterinarian for the past five Olympic Games. In-depth evaluations are performed to keep horses at peak performance. Lameness exams performed at the clinic are improved by the use of a controlled surface jog strip and lunging/riding ring. Diagnosis is also facilitated by the use of digital radiography, digital ultrasound, and the lameness locator. Complex lameness cases may be further evaluated by the use of standing MRI and nuclear scintigraphy. Other therapies include shockwave therapy, IRAP, stem cell therapy, Tildren and mesotherapy.

Pre-Purchase Examinations

Prior to the investment of purchasing a new horse, a complete pre-purchase examination is highly recommended. The format can be tailored to the individual needs of the client, but usually involves a thorough physical examination from head to tail. The horse is observed for soundness, and digital radiographs are encouraged to establish a baseline of skeletal changes. Reproductive exams, ultrasound exams, and upper airway endoscopies are among the ancillary procedures also available.