B.W. Furlong & Associates offers externship opportunities to veterinary students from US and foreign veterinary schools. Externships are required for individuals considering an internship at our practice. Preference is given to 3rd and 4th year veterinary students. Effort is made for externs to assist and observe all veterinarians in the practice. Externs also spend time with the current interns to gain a good understanding of the internship program.

For further information, please see the AAEP Avenues website, www.aaep.org.

Application Process

In order to submit an application for an externship, please provide the following information to studentinfo@bwfurlong.com.

1. Current Resume
2. Proof of Liability Insurance
3. Proof of Health Insurance
4. Proposed date(s) of visit. We are unable to accommodate externs for more than two weeks, and arrivals must be scheduled for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. During the months of June, July, and August, we generally can only accept 4th year students, but 3rd year students may suggest dates as well. Please identify as many weeks that you are available as possible, so that we can do our best to accommodate you!

Thank you for you interest in seeing B.W. Furlong & Associates!

Frequently Asked Questions – check back for more updates!

Where should I fly into?

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is only 30 minutes away and is a United hub. Philadelphia International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and Laguardia Airport are all approximately 1.5 – 2 hours away. We are usually able to accommodate visiting externs with an airport pickup at EWR if they do not wish to rent a vehicle.

Is housing offered?

Onsite housing is offered, and strongly recommended, for all externs. Housing includes shared use of clinic bathrooms, showers, kitchen, and laundry. Bedding is provided. Should you choose to not stay onsite, we do require that you stay close enough to be able to assist with evening and overnight treatments.

What is the dress code?

Externs are expected to dress in professional, barn-appropriate attire. Clean khakis or nice jeans with a collared shirt is standard dress code, with closed-toed sturdy shoes a must. Surgical scrubs are provided by the hospital for use during your externship.

Who should I contact upon my arrival?

We ask that you please contact the main clinic line at 908-439-2821 approximately 30 minutes prior to your arrival. If you have questions prior to your arrival, feel free to call the office during business hours (8am-5pm EST) or email studentinfo@bwfurlong.com.

What are hospital hours and treatment schedules like?

Externs should be prepared to help with morning treatments of hospitalized patients starting at 7am each day. Hospital and ambulatory appointments typically start around 8am, and the interns will advise each student on which veterinarian they will be working with for that day. Following the work day, all externs should check in with the intern veterinarians for instruction on assisting in any after hours procedures or treatments that may be going on in the hospital. All externs are expected to help the interns and technicians with evening and overnight treatments as needed. Externs will participate in after hours and weekend emergency calls, both in the field and hospital.