Welcome to B.W. Furlong and Associates

B.W. Furlong & AssociatesB.W. Furlong & Associates strives to provide a multi-dimensional approach to equine veterinary medicine in order to satisfy every client. Our staff works together as a team to ensure that every client and patient receives a world class service; in fact, many of our veterinarians have provided their services at the World Championship and Olympic level. Our veterinarians and staff provide these services in a professional and ethical manner, working as a team to ensure that the specialties and strengths of each vet are utilized and maximized. By having such a highly qualified team, the practice can provide each client with a wide-range of diagnostic and treatment possibilities, and the team works together to communicate these options and educate the client about their experience. Dr. Furlong and the rest of the staff are always looking towards new and progressive advances in veterinary medicine that will allow the practice to continue offering these world class levels of services to every client and patient.